Mobile Device Management for Dummies

Every day, more and more of your enterprise – along with its data and transactions – is moving to the frontlines where you interact directly with your customers. The frontlines present a key opportunity for your business to gain a competitive advantage, by having the information and applications necessary to take decisive action when you

Mobile CRM for SAP

Effective sales organizations do more than just meet revenue goals. They find new ways to achieve their goals while ensuring their sales professionals foster profitable customer relationships. There are two tools that are essential to sales professionals today – a CRM system and a smart phone. By combining both, field sales professionals can get quick,

Breaking New Ground: Increasing the ROI of Mobility

Business and IT managers alike have known for years that information is the fuel that powers business success. The ability to collect, integrate, secure, analyse and move business-critical information to end-users wherever they may be is often the key differentiator between market leaders and runners-up. So with over 35% of employees now working outside corporate