Lessons learned from a recent ransomware recovery

A glance at the headlines shows that the IT world is a dangerous place today. Organizations of all stripes are suffering devastating ransomware attacks; a few of the highest profile ones include Colonial Pipeline, JBS and Kaseya. But the problem is not limited to corporations — SMBs, government agencies, school districts, healthcare providers and many

The Value of Robust Data Intelligence to Enable Data Governance

In this research, IDC spoke with organizations that have deployed the erwin Data Intelligence Suite (erwin and erwin DI) for data governance to support their growing data environments and open possibilities for harnessing the power of data intelligence to fuel their businesses. Like many organizations, the erwin customers we interviewed are balancing needing to ensure

Data Governance Preparedness: Using Data Catalogs to Ensure Your Organization Has the Relevant Insights to Weather Any Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic caught global organizations of all sizes and industries by surprise. Many have suffered dramatically, some closing their operations permanently, while others have been able to adapt but not without challenges. In times of crisis, sound decision-making is paramount to short-term survival as well as long-term resiliency and it is reliant on timely

Data Governance Is Everyone’s Business

A New Age in Data Governance: Taking ownership of responsibilities and being willing to change are signs of maturity in human beings. As it turns out, the same is true of enterprises that hope to mature their approach to data governance. Everyone from executives on down will need to rethink their data duties and assume