Be Prepared for Ransomware Attacks with Active Directory Disaster Recovery Planning

Devastating ransomware attacks on critical organizations and infrastructure like JBS and the Colonial Pipeline have escalated ransomware awareness to the highest levels. In fact, due to increasing geopolitical tensions, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a “Shields Up” message to every U.S. organization, including federal agencies, urging them to adopt a heightened

Improving AD security through consolidation and modernization

Active Directory (AD) architecture plays an important role in keeping your organization safe from threats. It is important to ensure you keep up with AD compliance and security requirements as they change over time. If you have multiple AD environments or aging environments, it becomes more difficult to control your risk. Consider performing an AD

Quest Supply Chain Risk Management

The Microsoft Platform Management line of products earns a high level of trust from its customers as it performs critical administrative, auditing and security tasks directly within the customer’s environment. Therefore, in addition to our general efforts around Supply Chain management, Quest goes beyond the ordinary to also address the concern of insider threats head

A practical approach to cyber resiliency

Organizations today are keenly aware of the need to improve cybersecurity. However, finding an effective and efficient strategy for achieving that goal often feels elusive. Adversaries are constantly inventing new tactics and techniques, leaving IT scrambling to fight the latest fire. However, there is a practical way to get ahead of the onslaught of cyberattacks:

Securing endpoints and strengthening data protection

Costly ransomware attacks are on the rise. Developing a comprehensive strategy to protect your endpoints and your data is more critical than ever. In this webcast, you’ll learn best practices to strengthen endpoint security and data protection.   What you will learn Detect previously overlooked vulnerabilities that could be exploited Use key features for patching

Secure Every Part of Your Business: Data Protection in 2023

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated, and your backup is your last line of defence when it comes to ransomware attacks. You need to ensure your systems, applications and data are protected and protect your critical backups too. Finding the correct data protection software solution for your business will allow you to recover data quickly, reducing

2022 State of Data Governance and Empowerment

To extend and expand upon Quest’s prior State of Data Governance and Empowerment research and companion report, ESG conducted a research study of 220 business and IT professionals responsible for and/or familiar with data governance and empowerment strategies, investments, and operations at their organizations. All the organizations represented in the research have 1,000+ employees and

Preparing for Attacks that Seek Total Annihilation

IT and security pros have been battling serious threats for a long time. On the one hand are risks like power outages, hardware failures and natural disasters. On the other are malicious insiders and crafty hackers, armed to the teeth with innovative tools and techniques for exploiting vulnerabilities and creating increasingly sophisticated viruses, malware and

Top 10 Active Directory Security Reports and Alerts You Need

Traditional perimeter defense is simply no longer good enough. Today, identity is the new perimeter — hackers are actively targeting your users’ accounts and using compromised credentials to wreak havoc inside your network. In fact, Microsoft reports that 95 million AD accounts are the target of cyber attacks every day, and 1.2 million Azure AD