Noise in the Customer Service Center

As our recent noise at work study proves, it is a growing issue. Open plan contact centres only amplify the noise generated by multiple conversations and telephones ringing. So how big is the problem? Whom does it affect the most? And which headset technologies can you rely on to prevent background noise from affecting the

Building your brand around better service

The customer’s service experience is key to brand building The customer service centre has seen more change in the last five years than it has in the last 35 years combined. Thanks to higher customer expectations, multiple points of engagement, and the growth of social media, the customer service landscape is now more complex than

EncorePro 3Way Audio

Audio quality The expectations of customers have changed. The ways they contact you have changed too. One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of clear conversations. The Plantronics EncorePro® gives you the audio quality to have clearer conversations with your customers.

How you can take advantage of the cloud

The cloud can provide cost savings, flexibility and more for your business. From smooth customer interactions and seamless mobile operations to increased operational efficiencies – see how beneficial (and simple) it is to give your employees that freedom to work wherever, whenever.

How to step into social media

A no-nonsense guide to social media for small and medium businesses. We have all heard so much about the importance of social media, but it can be hard to know where to begin using these tools for your business. This guide cuts through the hype and shows you concrete uses of social media for your

How flexible working can work for you

The future of work is mobile. Liberated by the internet and new mobile solutions, more and more businesses are embracing flexible working arrangements in which employees work from wherever they want. Smart businesses utilising flexible working know that it’s no longer about the hours you work—it’s about results. These businesses are freeing themselves and their

How you can put apps to work for your business

Apps have become critical to small businesses’ success Small businesses are increasingly using apps in their daily operations. According to a recent survey, nearly three-fourths (72%) of small businesses are using apps on smartphones or tablets for their business and 38% report they could not survive—or it would be a major challenge to survive—without apps

How video conferencing can save you time and money

Small and medium businesses are implementing video conferencing systems faster than ever—faster even than large businesses, with 58% surveyed saying that they plan to use video conferencing more extensively within 12 months. They cite reduction of travel as the most important benefit of video conferencing.