The Borderless Workplace

In today’s borderless workplace, work is increasingly flexible. Workers have more say in when, how and where they get work done. Here’s what organisations need to know to be successful in this new world of work.   Download the eBook to learn:   •              How to manage people and projects in the new world of

Top 10 reasons to strengthen information security with desktop virtualisation

Information security has become an increasingly critical concern for organisations of all kinds. Trends such as mobility, flexwork, consumerisation including BYOD, and cloud computing mean that more people, including teleworkers, mobile users, partners, outsourcing providers and other contractors are accessing enterprise applications and data from more places, on more devices and in more ways, than

Presentation Pitfalls Learned From Dragons’ Den

We’re not all gifted with good presentation skills. But what we’re not born with, we can learn. This brief explores eight common presentation pitfalls from Dragons’ Den and how to avoid them in your own presentations. Download the brief to learn: •  8 common presentation mistakes from Dragons’ Den •  What to do when the