5 myths about virtual teams

5 common myths about virtual teams debunked If the thought of leading a virtual team makes you sweat, you aren’t alone. It’s new terrain for many, but it also carries some common misconceptions. Once you get past these, you’ll see it’s not that unfamiliar at all. This brief explores 5 widely believed myths about leading

Working from Home

Mobile working–even from home. Everyone is thinking about it and some people are already doing it. But working in your own home presents knowledge workers with a whole new set of challenges: bias, unwelcome distractions and self-discipline. Having a master plan is part of the solution. Business Trainer Alexander Greisle doesn’t hold back in his

7 Myths about the Future of Work

I think that we’re all aware that digitalisation and globalisation are dramatically changing our working environment. And now there are so many myths flying around about the future of work – which ones are really worth paying attention to? In this paper, social collaboration expert Daniel Holzinger debunks seven common myths about the future of

The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in Web Conferences

This report won’t teach you how to be an effective presenter, facilitator, moderator, chair or meeting participant; rather, it assumes you already have these skills and can apply them effectively in in-­‐person meetings. Now we’ll look at how to transfer these skills to online meetings so you still come across as competent, professional and articulate.