Are You on Track for IFRS 9 Compliance?

Are you prepared for IFRS 9? This major accounting standard change is impacting not only banks but also auto finance providers. The financial impact of virtually every credit decision made across the full credit lifecycle today will be different under IFRS 9. Account performance will need to be evaluated under both expected and stressed macroeconomic

Digital Transformation for Automotive Finance

Auto lending is facing a time of transformation. Many lenders struggle to gain a competitive edge—they need to quickly grow their portfolio and improve the customer experience, and at the same time balance risk and control operating expenses. Market disruptors are moving quickly, leveraging technology to provide polished and high-value customer experiences to lure business

Origination Solution for Automotive Finance

Consumers shopping for and financing a new or used vehicle have more choices than ever before. Empowered by digital delivery channels such as self-service and mobile, individuals are now able to rapidly find the vehicle and loan that best fits their needs. In this environment, a growing number of new market entrants are jostling with

Transforming Security in the mobile cloud era

How to Protect Your Data, Improve Agility, and Stay in Compliance In the age of digital transformation, maintaining secure interactions among users, applications, and data is more complex than ever. Amid the rapid growth of hectic and complex digital environments, the tools IT has used in the past simply aren’t sufficient to keep everything safe.


GLOBAL INTERCONNECTION INDEX IT’S SCALE OR FAIL IN THE GLOBAL DIGITAL ECONOMY As business models become increasingly distributed and dependent on the real-time engagement of many more users, partners and service providers, a company’s ability to transform into a digital business has become a matter of survival. The worldwide reliance on Interconnection Bandwidth is growing rapidly


EMEA EXECUTIVE SUMMARY THE GLOBAL INTERCONNECTION The regulatory and commercial landscape is shifting with cybersecurity, GDPR, MIFID 2 and Brexit emerging as critical factors that impact the way companies and industrial sectors will conduct business in the future. These regulatory and technology trends mean that traditional methods of doing business will no longer suffice for companies looking


BUILDING SOLUTIONS ON THE LATEST WORKLOAD-OPTIMIZED COMPUTE TECHNOLOGIES New workloads and deployment methodologies have created complications as businesses attempt to establish a more scalable business architecture that can anticipate and deliver on IT needs for the future. A scalable business architecture is the only way for a company to stay ahead of the curve and

The Value of Data and Analytics in Digital Transformation

IDC ANALYST CONNECTION   Digital transformation has become a board-level initiative at many companies. This board-level mandate comes from the realization that most industries have reached the point of diminishing returns for using cash hoards to increase dividends, buy back stock, or make acquisitions to keep stock prices propped up. The following questions were posed

Thinking beyond the four walls

S4HANA What’s the best strategy for connecting lines-of-business to your company’s core? In the digital economy, businesses need a new level of speed and data-driven insight to keep up with their customers and competitors. Businesses need a new level of flexibility—to industry, regulatory, partner and customer demands. And a new level of visibility to remain

Drive Your Company’s Digital Transformation

Take the Lead in Your Digital Transformation Journey Digital transformation is now a CEO priority as more business leaders understand that the organizations that thrive in the digital economy will be those that: Can execute on a vision for digital transformation Blend digital and physical experiences to garner customer allegiance Turn information into a competitive