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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 brings a range of benefits for organisations, but don’t just take our word for it. Denny Cherry and associates have spent the past few months testing a beta version of the software and can provide insights into what the upgrade means to them. Discover an honest, independent opinion from personal experiences

Transforming Cloud Datacenter Security for Business Mobility Using Smart Networking

Organizations that invest in proprietary applications and data for competitive advantage in their industries only succeed by making those investments available to employees, customers, and partners that drive revenue and opportunity. Securing those investments requires a fresh perspective as the types of devices accessing the cloud datacenter are changing rapidly and new workloads, such as

systemd in SUSE® Linux Enterprise 12

Introduced with SUSE® Linux Enterprise 12, systemd is the new system startup and service manager for Linux, replacing the old System V init (SysV init). Now you can forget everything you ever knew about how Linux systems start up and manage services. systemd is different, and you need to understand how to work with it.