Networks Whitepapers

Realizing Business Value and ROI with Application-Aware Network Performance Management

Network traffic patterns have dramatically changed in the past decade from predictable and point-to-point transaction-oriented activities to bandwidth-hungry, always-on, many-to-many interactions. Virtualization, cloud services, new Web-centric application architectures, video and unstructured data, and big data are the newest entrants to the corporate network. For many organizations, the only way to ensure the stability of the

Managing Web Security in an increasingly Challenging Threat Landscape

Mobility, social networking, cloud computing, and BYOD are all changing the ways that modern organizations are conducting business. Unfortunately, many organizations have embraced these trends without also adopting sufficient security measures, and cybercriminals have taken notice. This expert guide explores the changing threat landscape, and outlines key strategies for web security in the age of

Mobile Security for SMBs: Building a Business Case

Today’s business world is defined by mobility. However, as more and more small to midsize businesses (SMBs) adopt mobile trends in order to increase productivity and flexibility, many are failing to successfully address the new vulnerabilities that mobility creates. This expert white paper outlines the business case for mobile security among SMBs. Learn about the