Network Intelligence: A New Approach to Network and Device Management

There is a growing recognition that the best-connected business wins and that the network is the key to gaining real competitive advantage. To enable the always-on application access and connectivity that business now demands, you need a rock-solid network foundation. Organizations can no longer afford to dismiss their networks as simply “the plumbing.” How organizations manage their networks, Internet Protocol (IP) address space and core network services has never been more critical.

The increasingly complex, dynamic and fluid relationship between networks and devices (both physical and logical) requires a new approach to IP Address Management (IPAM) – one that unifies device and network management in order to provide network intelligence and a broad span of control. Every new device your employees, contractors and guests want to connect to your network requires at least one IP address. Decades-old IPAM practices and basic tools are insufficient to keep pace with current network demands, exposing businesses to risk and impeding their growth.

The impact of outdated IPAM can be felt across the enterprise – from the
front office, where desktop security teams struggle with “bring your own
device” (BYOD) initiatives to the data center, where network operations and IT are focused on making the most of investments in virtualization and private clouds.

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