Applications Whitepapers

Vendor Landscape: Application Delivery Controllers

Info-Tech evaluated ten competitors in the ADC market, including the following notable performers: Champions: •Citrix offers a feature-rich ADC solution at a very attractive price. •F5 scored full points on evaluated features, is a mature vendor, and the market leader. •Radware’s flexibility of deployment and management make it easily accessible to most enterprises. •Riverbed can

EMC ScaleIO Architectural and Functional Overview

EMC ScaleIO is software that creates a server SAN, aggregating servers’ local direct-attached storage to form globally accessible shared block storage. This white paper describes the functionality of ScaleIO and explains the converged architecture, scalability capabilities, elasticity features and the massively parallel, linearly scalable performance of the system.

Scaling Agile: Fractals of Innovation

“Sure, Agile works for small organizations, but we’ve got to organize hundreds (or thousands) of people on four continents and Agile just won’t work for us.” Sound familiar? It does to Rally coaches. It’s something we hear all the time, and yet very large companies—all of whom acknowledge that something is wrong with the “traditional”

Red Hat Pathway to IT Modernization

Over time, every IT portfolio gets bogged down in the chaos of servers, platforms, and software that make up the current IT landscape. Legacy systems, disparate architectures, and aging technologies slowly eat away at returns, reduce your ability to respond to shifting demands, and limit how quickly you can scale to meet new market opportunities.

Travelers Migrates Mission-Critical SAS Applications From Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on HP ProLiant Servers

In 2005, after observing the insurance industry’s growing awareness of and interest in Linux, Travelers began testing the viability of deploying Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® in its datacenter. It wasn’t long before senior IT management declared Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the strategic Linux-based server operating system for the organization going forward.