Midmarket Collaboration for Dummies

As a midsize company, you have the same goals and objectives as larger enterprises — but you don’t necessarily have the same resources to achieve them. You need a cost-effective, easy-to-implement-and-maintain collaboration solution, one that gives you the agility and flexibility that your business demands. Midmarket Collaboration For Dummies, Avaya Custom Edition, explores the midmarket business trends

Avaya Contact Centre Solutions for Midsize Businesses

Avaya Contact Center Solutions for IP Office put your contact center agents at the center of it all. Think of it as a holistic, 30,000-foot view, along with the intelligence, flexibility, and power to get business done. With Avaya innovations, each agent can access all customer data and move seamlessly between phone, email, and chat—no

Mobile Collaboration For Dummies

A mobile workforce presents significant challenges for businesses. All those devices floating around the world have to be connected securely to the business network to avoid security breaches that could cost your company large amounts of money and damage your company’s brand. Mobile phone usage and roaming charges can spiral out of control. Your employees

Top 10 Things to Consider For Mobile Video Collaboration Success

If you are considering mobile video collaboration, congratulations. Mobile video offers incredible opportunities to speed up business communications, offer new sales and service models and improve remote and mobile worker engagement. Your employees (and even your customers) most likely already have video-capable mobile devices (tablets, smart phones, laptops). Now you can harness that communication potential

Video Collaboration Challenges And Opportunities

Video is a no-brainer to today’s generation entering the workforce. The “YouTube” generation expects to be able to use video to express themselves and communicate. This desire brings video solutions into the workplace, as resourceful employees strive to be more effective in their role using the latest tools and technologies. As these resourceful employees prove