Building Your BCDR Strategy: A Blueprint for a Safe Voyage

The business has entrusted IT – and you – with revenue targets, employees’ productivity,
and the company’s reputation. Now you must manage all of the hardware, networks, business
data, and internal and customer-facing applications to propel your company to its business
goals successfully and reliably.

But the seas are choppy and the weather is unpredictable. Disruptive or unexpected events
can have a severe, negative impact on your business. You need to assure comprehensive
planning and flawless execution of all contingency procedures and safety measures, much
like designing an emergency plan for a ship. To minimize the negative impact of these events,
you need to have processes and systems in place to assure business continuity, and in
the case of extraordinary events, a disaster recovery plan for your business. In IT terms,
this planning is called ‘Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery’, or BCDR.

Read on to get the insight you need to steer safely ahead.