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2020 State of application services report

The financial services industry continues to demonstrate technology leadership by implementing the newest technology available. This in turn challenges technology providers to offer business solutions that drive revenue, enhance customer engagement, and deliver on the promise of digital trust—all at a pace that is faster than their peers in other industries. We isolated finance professionals’

Balancing customer convenience with cybersecurity threads in financial services

Growing customer demand and cloud efficiency gains are accelerating development of innovative financial services applications—and, at the same time, exposing potential security vulnerabilities. Because sensitive financial data is so highly valued by bad actors, financial services organizations need to take every precaution to ensure secure application development and deployment while supporting governance, risk, and compliance

Want better ROI? Beat the bots

In Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Valley of Fear, Sherlock Holmes informs a local inspector that “the temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the bane of our profession.” In today’s information-flooded business world, access to sufficient data isn’t a problem. But we often struggle with a different challenge—inefficient data. Data and analytics are


Application security is hard. We see headlines about data breaches almost daily. According to F5 Labs, web application attacks are the #1 single source entry point of successful data breaches. Additionally, the fallout from application attacks come with high costs. What is it about web applications that makes them so precarious? Insecure software. The challenges

Gain deeper cloud visibility and make data-driven decisions

Picture this: The long-awaited overhaul of your application is finally launched when, almost immediately, errors start popping up on the dashboard you and the app business owner are monitoring. You have no idea what’s wrong. It could be anything, from a networking issue, to a cyberattack, to a flaw in the application code. Fortunately, your

How to talk to NetOps about automation

The network team is made up of your colleagues, your co-workers, in some cases, your friends. They deserve to know the truth. And you’re just the person to bring them that truth. The truth about how automation is going to transform (in a good way!) much of what traditional NetOps does. Decisions around developing, testing,