Video Streaming Industry Report 2021

The global streaming industry experienced further expansion in 2021 as consumers consolidated the new behavior patterns that emerged with the pandemic. Yet competition is becoming increasingly fiercer, with established providers and newcomers alike bidding for the viewers’ attention and experimenting with new monetization models.

Severn Trent Case Study

In 2022, Customer Experience is a clear differentiator for utilities providers. Like all organisations, during lockdown Severn Trent had to find ways to maintain service in the face of reduced staffing levels in the contact centre. Read their story to understand how they transformed their contact centre, delivered significant savings, exceeded customer service targets and

Experience as a service for public sector

How has the way in which citizens contact public sector organisations changed, and how does the public sector responds to citizens? Has there been a shift in the public sector’s attitude and approach to ‘customer service’, alongside a shift in methods of communication? Do citizens feel that the public sector understands their needs, intentions and

The Value of Robust Data Intelligence to Enable Data Governance

In this research, IDC spoke with organizations that have deployed the erwin Data Intelligence Suite (erwin and erwin DI) for data governance to support their growing data environments and open possibilities for harnessing the power of data intelligence to fuel their businesses. Like many organizations, the erwin customers we interviewed are balancing needing to ensure

Data Governance Preparedness: Using Data Catalogs to Ensure Your Organization Has the Relevant Insights to Weather Any Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic caught global organizations of all sizes and industries by surprise. Many have suffered dramatically, some closing their operations permanently, while others have been able to adapt but not without challenges. In times of crisis, sound decision-making is paramount to short-term survival as well as long-term resiliency and it is reliant on timely