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Boost IT Efficiency with Integrated Power Management

With Windows Server 2003 EOS fast approaching, we surveyed IT professionals in EMEA about their migration plans and their related power management strategies. According to the survey, there’s a huge move toward virtualised environments underway… yet many respondents still rely on traditional power protection. Given today’s highly complex IT environments, perhaps it’s time to consider

Top 10 reasons you don’t need MDM

Smartphones are a fad. Tablets? Simply an unruly smartphone that got too big for its britches. Who needs them? Didn’t we do just fine all of these years without them and without all of this crazy untethered connectivity? And the idea of using smartphones and tablets for work, so users can be more mobile and

Unified application infrastructure management

Remedying complex application performance problems often requires IT server, networking, and application administrators to assemble into a “war room” to troubleshoot the source of performance issues. Since each administrative team typically relies on its own discrete set of tools to monitor performance, these troubleshooting sessions can often be time consuming, contentious, and unproductive.

MDM: Prerequisite to mobile ROI

More than Asset Tracking and Passwords, too often MDM solutions are dumbed down to simplistic applications that track the usage and whereabouts of mobile devices deployed throughout the enterprise. While these are crucial functions of MDM, they only scratch the surface in terms of the potential more holistic solutions offer to optimize the return on