Visual Collaboration for Small to Medium Enterprise

We are now all in the business of doing business. The days when a good company could simply make
a great product and expect viral success are long gone. To survive in today’s market, companies need
to deploy business processes that deliver a clear advantage over the competition. Various management
systems from the personal (like David Allen’s Getting Things Done) to the organizational (like the Agile
/ Scrum methodology popularized by Sutherland and Schwaber) have infiltrated the workplace. What’s
notable about many of the more popular productivity systems and philosophies is how much they rely on
an open and active communication and collaboration network within the organization. In order for your
team to achieve its full potential with today’s modern project management methodologies, you must first
empower them with the right tools.
Offering your employees proper individualized productivity tools can foster their individual talents. It
doesn’t take a managerial genius to realize workers will make better spreadsheets with MS Excel than with
graph paper and pencils. Similarly, there are tools (communication and collaboration tools in particular)
that provide the same kinds of benefits for team?based productivity. You can offer your working teams
anything from tin cans and string to a cutting?edge, high?definition videoconferencing environment, but
you must understand that your choice of communications tool may limit your group’s productivity.