Self-Service: An Essential Capability Of BI

There are major forces at play that are changing how business operates: Business processes are becoming more integrated and complex, economic pressures are forcing companies to do more with less, and the amount of information available is becoming more overwhelming. To meet these changing conditions, companies of all sizes are progressively more dependent on increasing

Aberdeen Group Report: Lean Scheduling and Execution

Under the ever-widening Lean umbrella, manufacturers are left grasping for what it means to be Lean, which aspects of today’s Lean initiative are delivering tangible results, and where to turn for the answers to these questions. In response to these needs, The Lean Scheduling and Execution Benchmark, based on the survey responses of over 400

Forrester: Assess Your Enterprise Agility

Firms and government organisations are constantly buffeted by changes in their business environment, which they must respond well to in order to survive and thrive. While firms have used different business strategies to insulate themselves from the effect of change, CEOs are beginning to recognise the need for their firms to become more agile in

Tightening the Chain: Supply Chain Cost-cutting Strategies

Managers are finding creative ways to mitigate supply chain costs while maintaining operational efficiency. New approaches, technologies, and methodologies are aiding with these cost-cutting measures. Use of a third party logistics provider (3PL), radio frequency identification (RFID) rentals, and attribute-based demand planning can drastically reduce supply chain costs and increase customer satisfaction. This document defines

Responding Quickly to Market Changes: Anticipate, Adapt, Excel

The fastest way to respond to change is to anticipate it. Many companies can’t predict changes simply because they can’t see “the big picture” within their own organisation. With critical business information locked in different departments and systems, it’s hard to have enough accurate insight, let alone foresight, to anticipate rising demands. Information technology such

Operational BI: Getting Real Time About Performance

Companies are trying to improve efficiencies and performance of many day-to-day and real-time activities, such as customer interactions, finance and accounting processes, transportation/shipping, sales activity, manufacturing, inventory management, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and marketing. This Aberdeen Group report provides a roadmap for the strategies and capabilities that Best-in-Class companies are employing to improve operational performance.

Six Mistakes Companies Are Making Today (And How To Avoid Them)

When the economy slows, many businesses react by retrenching and cutting costs in order to weather the downturn. While such cost reduction is important, companies often overlook equally critical strategic decisions – opportunities to use valuable business information to strengthen product and service offerings and emerge ahead of the competition. This paper highlights common mistakes