Riverbed Stingray Application Firewall

Attacks against web applications are increasing in sophistication, and automation makes them increasingly common. These attacks are geared toward discovering and exploiting weak points, not at the network level, but in the application code and framework itself. However, the target of the attacks remains the same – confidential information. Stingray Application Firewall is a sophisticated,

Virtualization: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions

While it is possible to virtualize almost any component of IT, this report will focus on three forms of virtualization: server virtualization, desktop virtualization, and virtualized appliances. A key reason for this focus is that significant synergies exist between and amongst these forms of virtualization. The majority of IT organizations have already implemented server virtualization

Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager VA Performance on vSphere 4

This document details the performance figures obtained by the Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager Virtual Appliance (VA) on VMware vSphere 4.0 and outlines the methods used to achieve these performance figures. A comparison of the performance of various virtual appliance configurations relative to that of the native install of Linux on the same hardware is also

Data Storage in the Cloud – Can you Afford Not To?

Storing data in the cloud using a Whitewater™ cloud storage gateway from Riverbed Technology overcomes what is becoming a serious challenge for IT departments: how to manage the vast, and ever-growing, amount of data that must be protected. Whitewater eliminates concerns about data security, data transmission speeds over the Internet, and data availability, while providing

Unleashing Cloud Performance

Want to eliminate spiraling cost and complexity of your IT infrastructure? Riverbed can help by delivering cloud services with LAN-like performance across your organization. In this whitepaper, we explore how WAN optimization from Riverbed can deliver on the promise of accelerated cloud performance for widely distributed enterprises.

Accelerating the Cloud

To stay competitive and keep costs down, today’s enterprises need to consolidate resources, quickly provision services, and more effectively rationalize costs with new business models. If done correctly, cloud computing can help solve these problems, and further help IT managers maintain business-critical applications and data. But there are numerous challenges that can prevent organizations from