Overcoming Barriers to Video Adoption in the Workplace

Video conferencing offers clear benefits to business users, including better collaboration, faster decision-making, lower times to market and cost-effective, face-to-face meetings. But many managers have a hard time getting employees to warm up to video technology at the office. Although many employees are familiar with video in their personal lives—making ready use of video recording

Mobile Video Collaboration: bringing the familiar language of video to the mobile workplace

According to research by Infotrends, around one billion camera-equipped smartphones, as well as hundreds of millions of camera-equipped laptops and tablets, will be sold this year. While mobile video calling using Skype or Apple’s Facetime is already commonplace and predicted to steadily increase among consumers, it has yet to achieve widespread adoption amongst business or

Maximizing ROI with the Microsoft-Polycom: Unified Communications solution

In today’s global business environment, organizations are increasing their investment in advanced communications technologies to improve collaboration and efficiency. Yet after spending heavily on communications technologies and infrastructure, organizations continue to have high traveling expenses and hard costs, while employees’ efficiency and productivity stagnate. Organizations are not able to realize the value of their investment,