How to iterate faster with CI/CD and playtesting

The very nature of creating games as avservice (GaaS) requires them to be built in a way that evolves over time, continuously releasing new, high quality features to players. Working in iteration loops does this by creating and testing in small increments, giving studios a fast, efficient method of designing, validating and evaluating new features

Power in numbers. Release on more platforms and enable crossplay

Make crossplay work your way. Releasing on multiple platforms with crossplay is vital to creating better player experiences. But the challenges of building in this functionality, whether for a title in development or even a live game, are formidable. Download our free ebook ‘Power in Numbers’ for rich insights into the many opportunities of crossplay.

Freedom to create

Toadman Interactive wants to organically develop its portfolio of existing and new IP with a focus on free-to-play multiplayer games. For any game developer with multiple global teams, it’s a technical challenge to manage backend operations comprehensively while trying to keep focused on creating content. Toadman Interactive knew that the right technology ecosystem would help