Azure Active Directory and Office 365 Security

This paper describes a security methodology for governing a hybrid, on-premises/Azure Active Directory environment. System administrators will find detailed explanations and checklists for improving their security posture and keeping their on-premises AD from becoming the Achilles’ heel of their Azure AD and Office 365 security. Learn more by downloading this Whitepaper.

That Dreaded Day

Active Directory disasters can happen, and that dreaded day can arrive if you’re lacking protection in key areas. While Active Directory’s built-in features will keep AD running after some kinds of failures, there are others from which it cannot bounce back. This paper presents five AD disaster case studies and how they might have been

Audits, Compliance and Security: IT Pros share their experience

Changes to your Windows environment, whether unintentional or malicious, can be devastating to your organization’s network and applications if left unchecked. However, discovering the occurrence, source or patterns through event logging and change reporting over native or homegrown IT auditing tools can be time-consuming and sometimes ineffective. Dell ChangeAuditor 6.0 saves time and reduces risks

Safe and Sound: The Importance of PC Security and Manageability

This IDC White Paper discusses the biggest pain points of United States–based IT managers in the areas of PC security and manageability. Leveraging the results of a 606-person survey of IT managers at small (100–499 employees), medium-sized (500–4,999 employees), and large (5,000+ employees) organizations across the United States, this White Paper explores the top concerns

Maximizing mobile efficiency and productivity

This paper examines the challenges of supporting employee BYOD initiatives, and provides several best practices that can help your organization overcome those challenges. In addition, it highlights Dell solutions that can facilitate implementation of best practices, helping you boost employee efficiency and productivity while also enhancing the efficiency of IT management.

Speed Up Your 4K Workflow: Real World Benchmarks

As a content creator, you work on an ever-increasing variety of post-production jobs and have to handle media files that are continually increasing in size. You’re always looking for ways to boost productivity, to give yourself more time to spend on what’s important – and appease your desire with a high caliber finished product.

XX Commonwealth Games

Technology is integral to the success of the Games. Dell is proud to be the official end-to-end IT partner of the XX Commonwealth Games, and will provide both hardware and data center support. Technology underpins everything at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Dell plays an integral part in providing the laptops, tablets, PCs, servers and storage.