Business Agility, Survival Guide

Today’s fast-moving markets present threats and opportunities at every turn. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small startup, it’s no longer enough to simply practice agile development. To survive — and thrive — in this disruptive environment, you need agility throughout your organization. Learn more by downloading this whitepaper CA Technologies

Elevating the Customer Experience in the Mobile World

Tablets, phones, watches—we rely on them and the applications and services that they deliver. In this new application economy, these devices have changed the way we live, work and play. Built specifically for mobile devices, these apps have emerged as revenue powerhouses. In 2014, app sales reached $30 billion, and by 2017, the combined value

How The Application Economy Is Changing Business

The application economy is drastically changing the way businesses have to think and run. But a lack of understanding will easily prevent businesses from grabbing the app economy bull by the horns, as a negative experience with a business’s app will likely smear that business for the costumer for the foreseeable future. This is why

How to secure your mobile devices and apps

Workers want to use their own laptops, tablets and smartphones for work and many companies are now letting them do just that to aid flexible working and increase productivity. But what are the pitfalls and how can they be overcome? This How to Guide from CA Technologies and TechWeekEurope aims to give organisations useful pointers

A Guide to REST and API Design

In his 1966 book “The Psychology of Science,” American psychologist Abraham Maslow tackled the idea that those in the field of psychology needed to approach treatment from multiple perspectives, to take on new ideas, and not just continue using the same theories and techniques created by Freud and his followers so many years ago. Acknowledging that changing your point