Security Whitepapers

The UTM Appliance : A Fortress for Small Business

The time has come for businesses to move on from perimeter protection to a more comprehensive, panoramic solution. UTM is the only multi-function security system that offers the necessary protection. It provides the extended company with total, upgradable and inexpensive protection for its digital data exchanges.

Mobility Under Control

Laptops are all too often the weakest link in information systems. To guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of exchanges with mobile terminals, Arkoon recommends strong, bilateral authentication, encryption adapted to the information stored and transmitted, use of virtual private IP links (VPNs) and centralised management of keys and security rules.

BEA WebLogic Event Server Performance

This front office use case showcases low latency at very high data rates, during the monitoring of multiple data streams. This free case study puts BEA WebLogic Event Server through its paces in a financial environment. A lightweight, Java-based (non-J2EE) application server designed specifically to support event-driven applications, BEA WebLogic Event Server proved itself adept

Extending Data protection to the EdgeFort in the enterprise

The enterprise data avalanche continues in a determined but irregular fashion. The key characteristics of data are changing, and so must data protection strategies of enterprises. Large organizations must ensure that remote data and systems can be recovered when a disaster strikes. Six IT issues should be considered when evaluating remote office data protection solutions: