Security Whitepapers

Securing Productivity in the Borderless Enterprise

For the past several years, organizations around the world have evaluated how key technology trends such as mobile, cloud, social, and big data positively impact business operations and revenue. Throughout enterprise computing history, IT professionals have held primary responsibility for choosing whether to proactively engage with technology trends. However, the pervasive consumerization of IT has

Fast and Secure Using Automation

Developments in IT advancing with ever-greater speed. Where decades passed between Zuse’s Z1 and the first PCs, now the industry is seeing evolutions pratically every month. As the performance and variety of devices grows, so do the demands involved in managing them. Learn more by downloading this whitepaper

Identity in Mobile Security

In recent years, the concept of “Anywhere, Anytime Computing” has become the common denominator in driving personal electronic device sales, as users are adopting to new categories of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartTVs. These devices enable consumers and employees to access information and services from almost any device at any time. Learn more

Predicts 2016: Security for the Internet of Things

As the Internet of Things presents an ever-expansive security problem, several security areas are advancing to cope with the IoT’s evolution, including network segmentation, isolation solutions and cloud-based security. IT leaders should evaluate revising strategies or purchasing new services. Find out more by downloading this garner report

Case Study – Security: A key challenge for Société Générale

The Société Générale group implements a platform combining authentication, identity federation and rights management. By selecting technologies from Ilex International and expertise from Business & Decision, Société Générale reinforced the level of security of their IT system and optimised the management of identities and their application rights. The challenges faced by Société Générale: Improve security

Case Study: how Leroy Merlin implemented Ilex’s SSO solution for its stores workers

Leroy Merlin’s first collaboration with Ilex International was based on the implementation of contactless authentication and SSO on shared workstations in its stores. Today, Leroy Merlin continues to modernise its employees’ work environment by providing them with the same user comfort on tablets. The challenges faced by Leroy Merlin: Modernise the work environment of sales

Ilex- IAM challenges solved: 4 real examples

Four real examples of how organisations have solved identity and access management (IAM) challenges Choosing the right Identity and access management solution solves a variety of risk management, resourcing, control and compliance issues. Know who has access to sensitive data and applications Make passwords work for both business users and security professionals Maintain complete visibility

That Dreaded Day

Active Directory disasters can happen, and that dreaded day can arrive if you’re lacking protection in key areas. While Active Directory’s built-in features will keep AD running after some kinds of failures, there are others from which it cannot bounce back. This paper presents five AD disaster case studies and how they might have been