State of Internet Security – Protecting Business Email

Email is vital in business communications. Companies worldwide are dependent upon it. It is used to communicate with customers and employees on a daily basis. At the same time that companies are generating huge volumes of email, cyber criminals are targeting email knowing that it is a data form rich in valuable personal and corporate

Why web security is best served in the cloud

This paper discusses the new generation of web security offerings provided by service providers in the cloud, where protection is applied at the point where the threats are being seen—that is, directed at web-based applications. In taking the protection nearer to the threats, organisations can benefit from vastly improved internet security as the threats are

Safe Email – Seven Important Tips for Better Email Security in 2009

Email presents a ubiquitous point of vulnerability to organizations of every size and kind. A source of incoming threats and a convenient channel for stealing sensitive data, email enables easy communication while opening organizations to the world of organized crime, disgruntled former employees and inadvertent data loss. The third annual email security Aberdeen benchmark report

Benefits of cloud-based web security

This paper is the last in a series of four papers that examine the realities of web threats and looks at the promise that cloud-based solutions bring for organisations in terms of providing a higher level of protection against the increasingly complex and sophisticated threats being seen today. The previous papers explored the nature of

Why SMBs Should Seriously Consider Hosted Services

The small- to mid-sized business (SMB) market in North America (US and Canada) represents roughly 800,000 companies of between 20 and 1,000 employees. However, there are hundreds of thousands of other firms with fewer than 20 employees that have more traditionally been considered part of the Small-Office-Home-Office (SOHO) market that are also important to consider