Why the future of the cloud is open

Choosing how to build a hybrid cloud is perhaps the most strategic decision IT leaders will
make this decade. It’s a choice that will determine their organization’s competitiveness,
flexibility, and IT economics for the next ten years.
That’s because, done right, a cloud delivers strategic advantages to the business by
redir-ecting resources from lights-on to innovation. But only an open cloud delivers
on the full strategic business value and promise of cloud computing. Only by embracing
clouds that are open across the full gamut of characteristics can organizations ensure
that their cloud:
• Enables portability of applications and data across clouds
• Fully leverages existing IT investments and infrastructure and avoids creating new silos
• Makes it possible to build a hybrid cloud that spans physical servers, multiple virtualization
platforms, and public clouds running a variety of technology stacks
• Allows IT organizations to evolve to the cloud, gaining incremental value at each step
along the way