It’s Time for Infrastructure to Evolve

The digital economy has changed every part of the way enterprises do business. Users are demanding more, technology requirements are shifting fast, and IT is expected to be more agile and responsive than ever. To stay competitive in the digital landscape, IT needs to evolve its infrastructure so it can respond quickly and stay flexible. A modern infrastructure is based on a software-defined hyper-converged architecture across compute, storage, and networking. The holistic architecture, often referred to as the software-defined data center (SDDC), can help organizations.

As the leader in virtualization technology, VMware provides two paths you can take to modernize your data center infrastructure with confidence;deploy an integrated platform or deploy individual components.

No matter which path you adopt, VMware management solutions, such as VMware vRealize® Suite, can help you maximize the ROI by providing a unified platform to manage performance, availability, capacity, and the costs of IT services.

Case Studies: Modern Organizations Evolve Their Infrastructure

  1. Marriott
  2. California Natural Resources Agency
  3. CenturyLink
  4. New College Durham
  5. Discovery Limited
  6. Zettagrid
  7. Utsue Valve Service


The old system used a lot of high-performance storage products, so we were prepared for very high migration costs, but VMware vSAN has achieved a new system with higher performance at a lower cost as compared with the old configuration.