VxRail P470F VS HC series

Empower your databases with strong, efficient, scalable performance

VxRail P470F Vs HC series

Databases are often the driving force behind a company’s mission-critical work. They power online stores, confidential records, and customer management systems, so a solution that sustains high levels of database work can be a big advantage as your company grows.
The Dell EMC VxRail P470F handled up to 50% more database work with up to 70% faster response times than the HPE Hyper Converged 380.The Dell EMC VxRail solution made it much easier to scale up and tune to optimize performance for our workload.

  • Handle more orders with ease
  • Fast response times for your staff and customers
  • Double your workload and maintain strong performance
  • Tune to optimize performance and scale your environment more easily
  • Utilize resources more effectively
  • Boost efficiency and give more customers a great experience, today and tomorrow