Unleash App Deployment with Confidence

Your application teams are facing increased pressure to deliver more capabilities to the business faster than ever before.

This, in turn, places increased pressure on network operations to enable faster deployments, but without sacrificing security, performance, or availability. These pressures are driving change across IT in culture and processes as well as tools.

Network and security operations teams are collaborating closely with application development teams, finding ways to remove friction from the application development and delivery processes. Application teams, in general, prefer to consume network and security services in an as-a-service model. This allows them to focus on creating functional code that delivers business value rather than non-functional code for external services that have to be versioned and maintained over time.

F5 BIG-IP Cloud Edition offers a new way to deliver application services that supports application teams’ need for greater flexibility and speed— while enabling operations teams to enforce consistent network and security policies across the entire application portfolio.