Understanding and addressing the threat landscape — DDoS, cloud and mitigation

Over the past decade there has been a dramatic increase in the number of cyber attacks — from data breaches and DDoS events, to hacking attacks and malware. And it’s not only the frequency of attacks that has increased, but the sophistication of the attacks and the attackers that is growing as well. The result is that while IT security was previously taken care of by the IT department, the effects of cyber crime have elevated the topic to board level.
Cyber criminals can create huge volumetric attacks in mere seconds that overwhelm most standard firewalls and mitigation appliances immediately. A second wave of attack can then be used to compromise exposed systems. Attacks are also becoming automated and sources can be switched quickly to keep attacks going and defeat mitigation tools. (…) In this whitepaper we will explore the rise of the DDoS attack, the threat it poses to businesses and the mitigation strategies available.

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