Throughput and Scalability Report

Intel Security engaged Miercom to perform throughput and scalability testing of the McAfee NGFW 5206 security appliance.
The McAfee NGFW 5206 can be deployed in various security roles, but was configured in this testing primarily as a high-capacity, next-generation firewall. A unique aspect of the McAfee NGFW 5206 in the firewall marketplace is the ability to “cluster” multiple units, up to 16, for environments requiring incrementally greater aggregate throughput.
This report summarizes the McAfee 5206’s throughput based on the latest version 5.8 software, with various firewall policies applied and different traffic scenarios. The McAfee 5206 was first tested as a single online node in a multi-node cluster, and then the incremental throughput growth achieved by bringing two, three and four nodes in the cluster online was measured.