Security Is Top of Mind for Every Business

As people, devices, and objects become more connected, protecting all these connections and environments has become more critical than ever. In a recent survey of IT priorities, 69 percent of respondents told Tech Pro Research that improving security represented their top IT initiative for 2017.1 In the same survey, respondents also said security would be their biggest IT challenge in the year ahead. That’s because IT organizations need to secure each and every interaction between users, applications, and data—however and wherever they are connecting. And they need to do it in an environment that is constantly changing, and increasingly dynamic.

Security risks are high for businesses in every industry, and they are continuing to escalate. According to a recent study, the average total cost of a data breach increased from $3.52 million to $3.79 million in just one year.2 For organizations that are embracing cloud and virtualized environments, maximum visibility and control are key to mitigating this risk.