The Workforce view in Europe 2019

Welcome to The Workforce View in Europe 2019, bringing you the latest insights on the issues and trends that are impacting employees across the continent. With opinions from over 10,000 workers across eight key economies in Europe, with this research now in its fourth year, these findings provide a unique opportunity to learn about the changing attitudes of Europe’s workforce – both for our own teams here at ADP and for wider use.

Recent years have seen positive trends in the world of work, with steady increases in regards to economic growth and employment levels. However, there has also been a great deal of uncertainty and many unanswered questions. Will the prospect of increased automation become a reality?
How will Europe adapt to life after Brexit? While we don’t have the power to predict the future, this year’s report sheds a light on some of these critical issues, revealing how they’re impacting employees today, and what that could mean for the years ahead.