Digital Transformation

How small and midsize companies are applying technology to meet key business goals

Next Step: Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is directly related to the changing digital economy with individuals,
businesses, and society becoming interconnected in real-time, supported by technology.
Think of the advanced capabilities that are changing the nature of business:

» Hyper-connectivity — the result of anytime/anywhere communications
» Unlimited computing power available though diverse platforms
» Cloud computing, with easy access to hosted software and services
» The proliferation of sensors and mobile devices, providing new and continuous streams of information as well as ways of accessing them
» Advances in cybersecurity that support reliable access and use of key information, minimizing internal and external vulnerability

Almost all small businesses (firms with 10-99 employees) and midsize firms (with 100-999 employees) have some of these digital transformation resources in place: collaboration software, powerful computing and communications resources, cloud computing. But effective deployment and integration are needed to bring your firm to the next level of business performance.