The Interactive Archive Making your email archive work harder for business advantage

Email is still the dominant form of communication in businesses today. It pervades almost every system
and transaction and still remains a quick, casual form of communication. Email has become a mission
critical application within businesses because of the importance of the data transacted through, and
stored in, email environments.
A decade or so ago, as IT departments began to recognize the growing importance of the corporate email
environment, they started to add supporting services and platforms around the core server environment,
which is predominantly Microsoft Exchange. Appliances, applications and services to protect and store
email were added, usually driven by business problems as well as changing corporate governance
Email archiving was one such platform, and remains of critical importance today. Email archiving systems
were first added to our networks in the mid to late 1990s, initially designed to solve storage management
problems, but more recently utilized to enable businesses to retain a complete record of their corporate
knowledge and intellectual property. Long term retention of email nowadays is invariably driven by a need
to respond to legal obligations under subpoena or eDiscovery request, or mitigate against the threat of
data loss due to disaster or accident.
The advent of Cloud Computing in the same timeframe has disrupted these traditional on-premise email
archiving markets. Cloud Computing has permeated almost every industry in ways even the most
forward thinking IT departments could never have imagined. The result is a paradigm shift in modern
computing. The rise of the Cloud could even be described as the dawn of a new computing age.
This Whitepaper puts forth the premise that the old on-premise archives are being eclipsed by the
capabilities of a new type of Cloud-based email archive, an Interactive Archive. Cloud archiving platforms
are not new, and simply moving email data to the Cloud does not solve the problems associated with
making all that data useful.
The Interactive Archive, driven by the Cloud, on the other hand, is a more useful, valuable and interactive
archiving platform for business users. The Interactive Archive allows users to leverage the archive
and data therein for business intelligence, as well as end user productivity, ubiquitous access, and the
corporate governance and compliance requirements that underpin the archive itself.