Simply Pure Cloud Economics 101

To the cloud, or not to the cloud? The answer may be more simple and economical than you imagine. In this white paper, we’ll be providing a quick lesson in cloud economics, based on an ESG audit of a model that compares the monthly cost of public cloud infrastructure with the monthly cost of leasing a converged private cloud.
It’s a common misconception that renting IT infrastructure from an industry-leading public cloud vendor is more costeffective than purchasing and managing private cloud infrastructure. If you level the playing field and compare public cloud pricing to the all-in monthly costs of leasing a converged system at a hosted colocation facility, the monthly cost of leasing is typically lower, after the number of virtual machines increases beyond a break-even point.1 In the example shown in Figure 1, savings of up to 32% are achieved by moving the workloads from public cloud to Pure Storage FlashStack2 allflash-cloud, if the monthly public bill exceeds a $13,236 break-even point.


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