Seven lessons learned in Agile Moving to Enterprise Agile

The key mistakes made in Agile software development are tied to the inability  to improve the process continuously, mainly because most purportedly Agile organizations are not able to make a shift in their mindsets. Even those that do  a better job in revolutionizing their behavior are opposed by the inertia of the  tools they are using, or by the reluctance to change or the inability to transfer  the improvements achieved in the process into the tool chain. Through the introduction of Enterprise Agile, corporations and other large organizations see  the opportunity to finally have the full benefit of Agile adoption.

Many development organizations are considering moving to Enterprise Agile, hoping that the common issues encountered with Agile at the team level can be solved through moving to Enterprise level. Probably they will not – they will just be amplified. The following are some of the typical lessons learned from having made the common mistakes in Agile adoption and usage with development teams.

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