Service Virtualization For Dummies

Welcome to Service Virtualization For Dummies,
IBM Limited Edition. Service virtualization helps
companies create more efficient testing environments by
eliminating many of the roadblocks that testing teams typically
encounter. While testing teams want to test early in
the application development process, it’s hard to make this
plan a reality based on the increasing complexity of software
environments. In order to reduce project risk and guarantee
higher quality outcomes, your company needs a new proactive
approach to testing. You need an approach that improves
the overall level of testing and increases the efficiency of
removing defects.
Your company can benefit from service virtualization if your
teams develop and deliver complex applications with multiple
dependent components that must be tested. Instead of waiting
for dependent services to become available for testing,
your teams can use service virtualization to emulate these
missing elements. With service virtualization your test environments
can use virtual services in lieu of the production
services, increasing the frequency of integration testing. As a
result, deploying service virtualization can help you decrease
testing costs, improve team productivity, and ultimately
improve software quality.