Secunia Vulnerability Review 2014

To assess how exposed endpoints are, we analyze the types
of products typically found on an endpoint. Throughout 2013,
anonymous data has been gathered from scans of the millions
of private computers which have the Secunia Personal
Software Inspector (PSI) installed.

Secunia data shows that the computer of a typical PSI user
has an average of 75 programs installed on it. Naturally, there
are country- and region-based variations regarding which
programs are installed. Therefore, for the sake of clarity, we
chose to focus on a representative portfolio of the 50 most
common products found on a typical computer and the
most used operating system, and analyze the state of this
portfolio and operating system throughout the course of
2013. These 50 programs are comprised of 33 Microsoft programs
and 17 non-Microsoft (third-party) programs.