Data Center Infrastructure Is on the Cusp of Change.

Software-defined data center (SDDC).


In the digital economy, new business models are emerging and business demands are increasing, which puts pressure on IT to keep up. The ability to deliver applications faster while building a solid cloud strategy is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have for businesses that want to stay competitive by meeting customer needs.
Compute or server virtualization transformed the industry, delivering unprecedented efficiencies and cost savings.

The VMware approach to modern infrastructure is based on hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), which brings compute, storage, and networking together on industry-standard x86 servers. The result is cost-effective, highly scalable building blocks for the software-defined data center (SDDC).

Companies across industries are adopting modern infrastructure as a fundamental part of their journey toward the SDDC. Many are choosing hyper-converged systems as a building block.
64%projected growth in hyper-converged systems between 2015 and 2019.
Here’s how HCI helps IT modernize the infrastructure:
• It’s a simple, highly efficient solution that’s flexible enough to adapt to technology changes
• It removes silos that keep functions separated in hardware-centric infrastructure
• It provides the ability to deliver storage on-demand, without overprovisioning
• It creates a foundation that lets you evolve toward the SDDC at your own pace

VMware provides two paths you can take to modernize your infrastructure in a way that best matches the needs of your business:Deploy an Integrated Infrastructure Platform or Deploy Individual Components.

Whether you choose an integrated solution or deploy individual components, VMware can help you modernize your infrastructure and realize:

• Significant cost savings The Taneja Group conducted a study of VMware Cloud Foundation and found that it delivers 45 percent lower 3-year TCO than alternative traditional 3-tier approaches.
• Better performance Natively integrated vSAN provides 2–5x CPU and memory efficiency and helps increase VM density.
• A broad range of deployment options The VMware ecosystem provides 5x more hardware deployment options than any other HCI solution, with more than 200 vSAN Ready Nodes.
• Streamlined and automated operations A Forrester TEI study5 shows organizations increased operational efficiency by 20 percent and reduced unplanned downtime by 75 percent with intelligent operations powered by VMware vRealize Suite.