Rethinking Business Continuity with the Cloud

Technology developments and virtualisation have created huge potential for what can be achieved with businesses’ continuity and disaster recovery plans. Recent developments in enterprise technology means that organisations need to radically rethink their approach to  disaster recovery and create new solutions that are more flexible, scalable and cost-effective.  Disaster recovery is now high on the agenda for many businesses and organisations – in a  survey conducted by Computer Weekly of over 111 UK IT professionals, 16% said they devoted a large proportion of their time to backup and disaster recovery activities alone, demonstrating the level of importance organisations are starting to place on their information and IT services. When asked about what their predicted projects in the coming year would be to address backup storage initiatives, 45% cited disaster recovery and business continuity projects as being top of the agenda, 30% highlighted cloud backup services yet 0% of respondents said they were looking to implement a tape backup project.


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