Quantifying the Business Value of Dell XC Powered by Nutanix Software

Value achieving with hyper-converged solutions

IDC’s interviews with organizations using Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure solutions and Dell XC hyper-converged appliances powered by Nutanix software (Dell XC) to run key business applications highlighted the value they are achieving with these hyper-converged solutions. IDC projects that, on average, these organizations’ use of IT solutions powered by Nutanix software will yield total five-year discounted benefits worth $7.85 million and a return on investment (ROI) of 510% by:

» Serving as a cost-effective and incrementally scalable infrastructure

» Offering an efficient IT infrastructure platform that simplifies infrastructure deployment, management, and troubleshooting

» Providing a highly resilient infrastructure that supports the business with minimal downtime

» Enabling the business and users with greater IT agility and scalability, faster time to value, and improved performance of key business applications

Situation Overview

An organization’s ability to be competitive locally and globally has become inseparable from decisions made within its datacenter.To better align with the rapidly changing needs of their business, datacenters must adjust from a world with silos of infrastructure-centric decisions to an environment that enables workload-centric decisions.

The highly virtualized and scale-out nature of hyper-converged infrastructure helps organizations to quickly scale compute and storage resources at a very granular level and with near-zero downtime. Thus IT departments can eliminate the costly practice of overprovisioning. In short, hyper-converged solutions help improve datacenters so that infrastructure can be purchased, deployed, managed, upgraded, and expanded far more efficiently than traditional architectures.

Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform


  1.    Acropolis. Nutanix Acropolis is a scale-out data fabric for storage, compute, and virtualization.Acropolis is made up of three foundational components:-Distributed Storage Fabric -App Mobility Fabric-Acropolis Hypervisor
  2.    Prism. Prism is a management solution from Nutanix that gives administrators an easy way to manage their virtual environments. Prism greatly simplifies managing Nutanix environments by combining several aspects of datacenter management into a single consumer-grade solution.


Customers have the option of purchasing Nutanix appliances (NX Series) or Dell XC Web-scale appliances (XC Series). Both series offer different resource configurations that are optimized for a wide range of workload profiles. While all systems come with compute, memory, and storage resources, customers can build clusters with a mix of configurations within the same series.

The Business Value of Dell XC

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