Private Cloud – It’s More Than Just Virtualisation

Cloud will be part of your organisation’s future, regardless of your company size, your current distribution of workloads across various deployment types, or your current position on the viability of cloud services. Although the risk of leading a potentially unsuccessful cloud initiative may seem too great, the risk of pushing back and not advancing your organisation to embrace the cloud is even greater. IT teams that aren’t developing cloud environments and cloud skillsets today may soon find themselves outdated and of less value to the organisation. Now is the time to start making that transformation to ensure longer-term success for your company and your IT organisation. The challenges are determining how to incorporate cloud into strategic plans and managing risk while ramping up experience on the team. Looking at typical enterprise cloud road maps, Forrester finds that an internally based private cloud is a popular approach, but many struggle with setting up this new environment in a way that maximises benefits and positions these organisations for the customer-focused IT future.