IBM SPSS Retail Market Basket Analysis

Leverage POS data to understand sales patterns, customer preferences and buying patterns to create targeted and profitable promotions. In today’s highly competitive world, retailers struggle to differentiate themselves via their product offerings and by how they promote products to customers across all channels. Smart retailers deploy effective targeted product offerings which can generate significant revenues;

Return on Prevention Study

Threats aimed at an organisation’s information assets, enterprise systems and critical infrastructure are increasing in number and sophistication. The question being asked by many IT practitioners faced with limited budgets and growing security risks is: What are the right technologies that will yield the greatest value for my organisation? Furthermore, how can I determine that

Secure mobile working in public sector – improving productivity and compliance

Flexible working for efficiency and effectiveness Following the May 2010 general election and resulting budget cuts, the UK public sector faces the toughest challenges in decades. Adoption of leaner, more agile work styles, implementation of mobile and flexible working solutions and some strong executive leadership will be called for if the sector is to continue

Dell eBook – Server Refresh – Refreshing Server Hardware Delivers Refreshing ROI

Even amidst the enforced frugality of a recession, some expenditures are worthwhile. For the cost-conscious IT departments of small and midsize businesses (SMBs), refreshing server hardware is one of those things. Deploying up-to-date server hardware delivers benefits that far outweigh the total cost of ownership. Yet as SMBs plan their upgrade path, they must also

Specsavers puts customer care in focus with in-store touch screens from IBM and CRT

Specsavers wanted to capture customer feedback at the point of experience in its retail stores. The survey needed to be automatic, engage with a representative sample of both customers and shop browsers, and deliver incisive analyses and rapid reports. Specsavers contracted IBM Business Partner, Customer Research Technology (CRT) to provide IBM AnyPlace™ Kiosks equipped with