Origination Solution for Automotive Finance

Consumers shopping for and financing a new or used vehicle have more choices than ever before. Empowered by digital delivery channels such as self-service and mobile, individuals are now able to rapidly find the vehicle and loan that best fits their needs. In this environment, a growing number of new market entrants are jostling with traditional lenders to acquire market and mindshare. The winners will be those organizations that are able to consistently deliver a fast, painless and compelling buying experience.

With the FICO® Origination Solution for Automotive Finance, you can:

Respond quickly to lending opportunities without compromising risk standards or growth targets.
Make the right offers to the right customers with more precise pricing and flexible deal structures.
Deliver a compelling customer experience that differentiates you from your competitors.
Manage risk by quickly adapting to changing risk conditions, competitive threats, consumer preferences and new regulatory requirements.