MSP Guide: Stopping Crypto Ransomware Infections in SMBs

As the impact and severity of crypto ransomware threats and attacks has grown over the past 2½ years, Webroot has published many blogs and articles on how best to defend against these modern day extortionists. Webroot does not believe that businesses or consumers should have to choose between extortion and losing precious, irreplaceable data.
A question often asked: which endpoint security solution will offer 100% prevention and protection from crypto ransomware? The simple answer is none. Even the best endpoint security will only be 100% effective most of the time. At other times, cybercriminals will have found a way to circumvent endpoint security defenses and the attacks will succeed.

As an endpoint security provider, Webroot cannot stand on the sidelines when, even with Webroot’s highly effective endpoint security, users could still get infected, especially when other key mitigation strategies like protected backups will help users be really secure.

Webroot has hosted many webinars on crypto ransomware. These webinars regularly generate a large volume of questions, so this guide has been issued to help prevent partners and other organizations from becoming crypto ransomware victims.

This paper explores over 15 ways to secure SMBs from crypto ransomware attacks to more completely secure IT environments from crypto ransomware and its consequences. Regardless of business size, and even with a modest outlay, highly damaging threats can be mitigated.

This guide intends to point out some practical approaches to protecting SMBs from crypto ransomware. Some of these recommendations may not be suitable to certain IT environments. Take this guide with the small warning that some recommendations will cause certain programs not to install or function as expected.

On behalf of Webroot, we hope MSPs and other service providers will find this guide educational, useful, and valuable in protecting businesses from extortion.

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