Modernizing data protection with performance and simplicity

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way organizations view and manage their data.

IDC research indicates that 60% of organizations will have embarked on a digital transformation effort by 2020. For many of them, the goal is becoming a data-driven organization. Data-driven organizations are those that are able to generate revenue and competitive advantage from the use of data.

First and foremost for digital transformation, data must be accurate and available to the consumer of the data. Thus, we find that for many organizations, traditional notions of recovery point (RPO) and recovery time (RTO) measure in hours are unacceptable. Organizations are driving to serve data with zero downtime and zero data loss. Over time, we believe that organizations will consider data availability as the primary task, with data protection as one component of that task.

Data protection (i.e., backup and recovery) will not be a separate task; rather, it will be a portion of the data availability scheme.