Midrange Customers Demand High-End Functionality at Affordable Prices

Midrange customers demand performance, reliability, and scalability but also prize ease of use and low cost as virtual administrators take on more comprehensive IT infrastructure management responsibilities. Midrange enterprise storage offerings have evolved to deliver much of the functionality of larger enterprise arrays at a lower price point, and the Dell EMC Solutions powered by IntelĀ® and SC Series platforms are good examples of that.

While providing similar performance and scalability, the families are targeted at different types of users that want to move to modernized infrastructure and integrate AFAs to achieve new levels of performance at reasonable cost while realizing the additional benefits of all-flash configurations. The Dell EMC Unity is targeted at those midrange customers that want unified storage with the highest levels of flash performance. The Dell EMC SC Series customers want a native block-based storage offering that delivers more value for their money.

Both platforms are very competitive in their respective market segments, and their inclusion in the Future-Proof Loyalty Program only increases the value they offer midrange customers even further.