Making the Case for BPM: A Benefits Checklist

For several years running, improving Business Process Management (BPM) has become a top priority for companies. CIOs and IT executives continue to place business process improvement as the top business priority for their IT organizations1,2,3. Of course, there are many options for improving business processes – ranging from complete process re-engineering to adopting new
process management methodologies, like Lean Six Sigma, or adding new capabilities to existing systems. At Lombardi, we believe that an investment in BPM software, coupled with new approaches to project implementation, is the best investment companies can make in delivering sustainable business process improvement.
This paper is intended for groups who want to make the business case for investing in BPM to drive process improvement. It provides an overview of the areas of benefit that companies can expect from BPM as well as concrete examples of value. It also compares the use of BPM to alternative approaches for driving process improvement. Finally, this paper provides a basic introduction to the costs associated with a BPM initiative.